Rap Stars weigh in on T.I. situation, 50: “If he gets 10 years, that ain’t bad”



While T.I. sits in jail on federal gun charges, waiting to see if he gets bail, several of his peers are holding him down, filling in for him at shows and shouting out to him in songs.

“King of the South, what it do?” former Death Row MC Crooked I yelled out on a freestyle he released on the Net last week. On Tuesday morning (October 23), David Banner also released a record online called “B.A.N. (The Love Song),” a.k.a. “Free T.I.P.” On the song, the always-outspoken Mississippi native calls out people he’s deemed snitches — namely T.I.’s bodyguard, who cooperated in the federal sting resulting in T.I.’s arrest — and the friends of Michael Vick who testified against the troubled Pro Bowl NFL quarterback who admitted to bankrolling a dogfighting operation.

“For the most part on the song, I’m saying we gotta take responsibility in our own community,” Banner said. “Some of our people are messing up, but it ain’t for America to tear them down. People got on me for supporting Mike Vick, but if America don’t support him, don’t mean I gotta turn my back on him.”

Click Here for full article via MTV News


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